WIPWednesday 6-21-17

I had to take out almost all of the border on both sides of the tapestry because the main border motif is slightly wider than tall and trying to treat it exactly the same progressing vertically as horizontally doesn't work. This is always a potential problem with adapting a pattern, but I wish I'd realized a little earlier.

Handspun thick-and-thin yarn using the Chevron Broomstick lace pattern explained on Oana's YouTube channel. I have done a little broomstick crochet, but this is a particularly attractive pattern. The panel will be attached to a bamboo frame and be used to display pins or other items at the shop.

The start of the hemming for another silk scarf from retired sari. This one is fairly square instead of the usual rectangle.

A shrug from handspun, this has been taken out since there wasn't enough yarn to finish even if blocked very severely. It is now being made into a cowl using the chevron broomstick lace pattern mentioned earlier.

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