FOFriday (late again!)

Finished infinity scarf. I really like how the texture of the thick-and-thin yarn shows.

Buttoned neck warmer. This is the first of the type that I've made, but there just wasn't enough yarn to make a cowl. The pattern is the broomstick chevron which, worked well for attaching the buttons. The buttons came from another local artist who buys and remakes old clothing. She can't use the shank buttons in her projects but that's exactly what I need. It works well for both of us since I get buttons for much less, she gets her basic supply costs reduced, and we're both pleased that there is less waste.

Experiments that will eventually lead to Christmas ornaments. I don't really like the one on the right, especially since I wasn't able to do the tatted edging I had wanted to. The one on the left could be worked like Teneriffe lace, But it is actually double-sided and I'd like to not have it be that dense for ornaments.

Some more of those buttons to finish phone/glasses bags made from sari yarn.

A vase and two luminarias with their sari ribbon trim. The vase and pink luminaria were colored using a marbling technique. I think we now have all the techniques we need for both items.

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