FOFriday (*not* late, yay me!)

This beautiful chenille was donated by an on-line friend who was moving, but it was damaged and in many lengths. I didn't want such pretty colors to go to waste so I centered all the strands and then made knots at the ends where the shortest stand fell. The center I braided with the "magic braid" technique which appears to be related to the Norse technique of  "Sprang" where the warp threads are twisted together in a way that makes a mirror design on the bottom at the same time as the top.

Finished and seamed chunky infinity scarf. The yarn is a handspun blend that includes silk and alpaca and the scarf is kitted on the bias using a rice stitch. I am really happy with the texture and color movement. 

A core wrapped bracelet using border from a retired sari. The ends are carefully folded in and stitched to give a nice finished edge. I think this has potential as a standard item as well.

More luminarias and vases. The two on the right are colored using nail polish and a water marbling technique while the one on the left was painted with acrylic paint and the painted again using a different color of acrylic placed straight into a bit of the original color that had been thinned with water and had a bit of glue and some silicone mixed in. I have to say that the acrylic paints smell a lot better than the polish, and I do like the effect, but the paints I have are opaque which doesn't work well with luminarias. I think I will move to painting the plastic vase bodies with the acrylic and save the marbling for the luminarias.

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