FOFriday 8-11-17

Different finishing answers for items I was unsure about. The two in back are peel-and-stick vynil that I got from the same shop as the mis-print t-shirts. Victoria came up with the idea for the drip vase. I really like it, but suspect we would run out of shells quickly if we considered it a standard solution. The far left is braided from sari scraps and I think it works well too.

The point here isn't the hairpin lace itself, but rather the stopper at the top of the loom. I had misplaced the original plastic so decided to make a new end from "cold porcelain" that I saw on a couple of YouTube channels. In this case that is flour and body lotion. It was usable in a couple of days and has continued to harden for about a week until it can no longer be scratched by a fingernail. It is fortunate that I didn't need the size to be exact since it did shrink significantly . I am tempted to make a couple of nicer versions with skewers to see if they work well and at least for personal/family use if not for sale.

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