WIPWednesday 8-16-17


Front and back views of first attempt at Chikanari shadow work. It may be my first try at shadow work of any kind. Traditionally the stitches were done as white-work with thick threads but it is now common to see either white thread on colored cloth or colored thread on white cloth as both create interesting shadings. Much of the work is done from the back as the hint of color created by dense threads under the material is the desired effect.

This is cotton ribbon dyed in a traditional Rajasthani technique and is in the process of becoming a shopping bag. The company that sells the yarn offers employment to city women who have been in the Indian sex trade and are looking for a better life for themselves and their children. The company makes sure the children get good basic and technical educations so that they are not forced back into the life of danger and degradation. They are hoping to expand soon with a larger teaching annex so that they can prevent the trafficking of the children of others in the area.

Nearly done with the stitching. I need to figure out how to finish/frame it so that it will be available for the next fundraiser.

The beginning of a "Sew-in braid" rag rug made from the short lengths of t shirt yarn. I learned how to do this from a YouTube video and look forward to seeing the piece grow.

This is a proof of concept and will probably be taken out so the material can be reused. The base is one of the coffee bags with the most open weaves and the material is a combination of medium-length runs of t shirt material and the very shortest (app 2 inches) pieces. The medium runs are used in a technique called "hooky" where loops are pulled up and the short pieces use a technique called "proggy" where the ends are pushed through from the back to form a shag appearance. I learned about both on YouTube of course.

This denim piece is nearly finished as well. It most closely resembles Pojagi as it is fairly reversible and only one layer. I'm not sure yet what I will do with it. It may end up being part of a bag or a book cover or something.

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