WIPWednesday 7-2-17

Got the lease revision counter-offer back Monday so we're getting close to having the shop.


Trying cardboard bases again. the one on the right uses "warp" weaving which creates a roundish shape on the rectangle base. The left uses "printed cotton" (tabby) weave and I forgot to put skewers in the corners so it is a long oval with a tendency to pull inward at the center.


I used the leftovers from K's acrylic pouring to drip paint this vase from the bottom. I'm surprised at how translucent it is. I'm not sure how I want to finish off the top rim.

The top is the new hairpin ribbon. Left bottom is the previous ribbon that is being joined along the center and bottom left is cording made from scrap fabric strips which I saw on a YouTube video.

I think these, along with the tall rectangle, will be the standard shapes of storage containers in the shop.these need sealed and the bowl needs its cord to be a shopping basket.

Two versions of using scraps to create new textile surfaces based on a YouTube video from a UK-based craft shop. Since I'm not using a machine it takes quite a while to attach the top fabric to the bottom. The top fabric of both is waste organza from Darn Good Yarn that I colored with the very last bits of K's first acrylic pour. The piece on the frame is being attached by using tambour crochet ( a running chain stitch) while the bottom is connected with embroidery using handspun yarn.

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