FOFriday 8-25-17

Want to get this posted in case we lose power. Storm isn't supposed to be awful here except for insane amounts of rain all at once. Having grown up in Colorado, I have a hard time envisioning what 30 inches of rain looks like (and am not sure I want to know for sure). 


So this is the pojagi inspired piece finished and pressed. I'm trying to decide how to use it since I'm not sure how robust the seams are. I suspect that it will need to be used with a lining in whatever it's final form is.

I attached the Chikankari inspired piece to its frame but neglected to have EK get photos. I'm very pleased that the shadow-work shows through where I currently have it placed since I was concerned it would have to be on a window to be visible and that isn't good for the yarn or fabric.

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