FOFriday 8-4-17

EK's first two acrylic paint pourings. We're both pretty pleased with them. The bottom one has a lot of metallic paint in it that unfortunately doesn't show in the photo.

Samples of coasters made at the same time as the canvases. The plan is to sell them, and magnets made the same way, in the shop. We will possibly be using the same technique on storage cantainers in the shop as well. 

First finished shopping basket with plarn handles and papier mache body. I think this will be the standard method for the foreseeable future.

This is going to be the new standard for sari-wrapped vases. I really like how the border looks when at the top.

Papier mache and paper wickerwork containers. The three stacked together all used the same form, which shows I still need practice to get uniformity I'm afraid.

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