WIPWednesday 1-3-18

I hope everyone had a good New Year and will have many blessings in the coming months. 


Moving along on this. Have now reached the outer edge with the star so once I repeat that on the other side I can start on the bottom band and the star for the far side.


"Jury duty" hand warmers. I was working on these while waiting to see if I was selected for a trial yesterday. EK and I have both been selected for jury pools in the last month.

The yarn is a handspun Suri alpaca. Suri is different from the standard Huacaya variety in that it grows in ringlets and is silky in texture instead of fluffy and wool-like.


Using donated coffee sacking and donated t shirt material in a new-to-me rug making technique called "proggy" or "proddy" because it is worked from the back by prodding the ends of small strips into separate holes in the canvas. I learned about this style on YouTube and there are a couple different channels that explain the process. This coaster isn't completely filled yet, but the heart is and there are about 60 strips in that shape alone. The instructors say that the pattern shows up much better if the piece is trimmed afterwards, but I'm a little nervous about cutting too low.

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