WIPWednesday 1-31-18


Nearly done with the quilted bag. Just need to get the lining sewn in.


Most recent bit of crocheted cording from handspun. I carry this in my purse to work on when I have a moment while out of the house and when one bit of yarn is used up I start another. The cord (when worked in fine thread) is used for a needlelace technique called Romanian point lace. When worked large like this it can be used for jewelry or even as weft in a weaving if there is enough of it.


Cutting yarn from a warn out garment. The bundles are intended to be used for a rug hooking sample I will be doing soon, while the uncut pieces are intended to be weft for weaving. I am currently researching the standard thickness for recycled fabric weft that isn't intended to be a rug. The Japanese have a technique called "sakiori" that uses strips about .5 inches and there is an Indian technique from the area north of New Delhi, but I don't know the width of the strips. I will probably err on the side of thinness because I want the weft to be compact and show the warp. 

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