WIPWednesday 10-10-18


First blanket on my new square frame loom. The first picture is from last Friday (the loom was delivered Thursday afternoon) and the second from this Tuesday.


Seaming in the last triangle for the woven fabric box. I’d already folded and sewn in the first side of three edges before I realized I hadn’t finished seaming the center. D’oh!


This will take a bit. I’m taking out the weaving on the dog-chewed blanket so I can reweave it on the square loom. I’m planning on setting the loom to the 2’ setting and am fairly confident I can get 4 squares out of the remaining yarn for a 4’X4’ lap blanket. If there’s enough yarn in decent shape I will try for 6 squares and make it 4’X6’. I think that may have been the original dimensions though, in which case it’s unlikely there will be that much good yarn.

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