WIPWednesday 10-3-18


I took last week’s project completely out and restarted because I was planning on changing the color of yarn I was using. Once I liked the other things I changed I decided that the color would be okay to do the entire project in after all. Major changes were; cutting the bags used as the base in half, and having only six points of increase instead of eight. Cutting the bags in half means that the supplies last longer, but I also just find the proportions of each round much more pleasing. With eight points of increase the project had started to get “ruffley” instead of having an even edge due to there being too many increases for the height of each row. After seven rows I started only increasing on four points to create a rectangle and I think I like this much better.


This project will take a while. I have to take out the hems and seams on a number of old sheets and pillow cases, many of them my grandparents’, so that I can rip the fabric into ribbons for weaving. The ball on the left is an example of the finished material ready for use. This was the sort of thing I used to have EK do but now she has another job so I need to do it myself.


One of the projects I’m using the fabric strips for. The plan is to make a total of four triangles and join them at the sides to form a square. By leaving a wide border unseamed I can then fold the corners to create a box shape. I think it will be a useful accessory if my concept is valid.


I’ve been doing a lot of V-stitch crochet lately. The borders of the woven blankets That will be for the FO post are V-stitch and this poncho of handspun wool is as well. This one is going to take a bit since I can only do about one row a day if I don’t want my hands to bother me.


It’s very hard to tell, but this is a bath pouf in the making. I’m also using V-stitch in this and am hoping it turns out well and is fast enough to work that it will be worthwhile to make more.

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