FOFriday 105-18

I completely spaced out doing last week’s FO post even though I actually had some finished projects to show. Going through previous posts I also realized I hadn’t shown the completed carpet or “Joseph’s Coat” shawl, so I’m taking this opportunity to remedy that.


This is a V-stitch (I think I mentioned recently that I’d been doing a *lot* of V-stitch) sleeve crocheted from handspun hemp. I really hated spinning that hemp because the smell was so awful, but after about 10 years it has pretty much faded. Although this portion is finished I would like to make a couple more and connect them together to create a hanging holder. I had thought I had a couple more peanut jars to do that with, but either I was wrong or they didn’t make the move. I will need to eat more peanuts or use another type of bottle if I want to get done any time soon. For now though it works just fine as a needle holder.


The Joseph’s Coat shawl. I did end up using the pale purple kid mohair for the last portion. It needs blocked, but in general I think it worked out pretty well.


The finished carpet in use, for some reason EK has a terrible time getting pictures of carpets that don’t end up looking like they hanging on a carpet-covered wall. I’m actually starting to kind of like the shape it ended up, but have no intention of doing another carpet in this manner ever again.


Finished woven baby blanket. I think it worked out pretty well.


Double layered water-stopper although the bottom layer of woven plastic strips isn’t really visible. I’m wondering if the concept would work for picnic ground covers in large size and/or in a small size to put under plants and vases.

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