FOFriday 11-2-18

Yikes! Can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted. I don’t even really have a good reason for it as I should be fairly well into the swing of the new house and activities by now. This does mean that I have quite a few FOs though from last time’s WIPs.


Finished uni-sex baby blanket. The first project on my new square frame loom. I really like how the crocheted edge gives a nice finish and the pale yellow pulls all the colors together.


The re-woven blanket for my sister and her husband. I love how the plaid matches up so well between the squares. I used a Fibonacci sequence for the color changes because I just like doing that. Even with the border I still have quite a bit of the burgundy color left.


I didn’t have enough of the grey yarns to make more than 4 squares for the re-made blanket, so I wove a color-block pillow with the remainder. It was very close. I only had a couple of yards of the lighter grey left and none at all of the darker. The back of the pillow is done solely in the burgundy color. I was pleased at how well the panels fit the purchased pillow form.


The finished origami basket. It is the perfect size for my weaving projects, including the weaving hooks and small scissors. It’s very helpful to have everything in one spot. When I’m done for the day I just set the basket on top of the cushion I sit on in front of the loom and everything is both out of the way and ready to go the next day.


Decided to have a “home” for all the cat toys. Interestingly enough, they seem to play with a wider variety of the toys now that they have to go get one out of the basket. They don’t put them away again, but I didn’t expect they would.

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