Tool to maximize abolition success

In business it has long been known that it is very important to check occasionally and make sure that company goals are being accomplished. It has also long been known that "You get what you test for." In other words, the criteria of the checks set the, at least perceived, priorities of those working to fulfill the tasks. In business a lack of clarity and understanding can cause a waste of resources that leads to inefficiencies and even lost jobs. In abolition that waste of resources can lead to tragedy and death. This makes the Walk Free foundation's Promising Practices database an invaluable source of information on what has been tried in the last two decades, and how closely the endeavor met goals and intentions. As stated in the published paper, even knowing that not much is known about a certain sector of trafficking or demographic of victims gives a fruitful field for work while not wasting resources on failed ideas or doubling up efforts in well-trodden paths. Since the goal of Knit'n Kitten is to provide economic opportunity to prevent trafficking, as well as financial assistance to organizations providing ways out of trafficking, I expect to be spending a fair amount going over the database to maximize the impact we can have.

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