WIPWednesday 3-21-18


Yeah, not much changed from last week as I was trying to work out how to deal with the bubbling of the material. Major design flaws due to inexperience with one of the components is an occupational hazard for a 'jump in and make a giant project' creator. It's definitely a good thing I'm working with inexpensive materials and not in a field where safety would be an issue.

There's been a big change now since, after discussing it with Victoria, I decided to take out everything but the central medallion, which I really like, and work in a way that will help move excess fabric volume to the edges instead of trapping it. 

Not pictured, EK has been washing and skeining our backlog of handspun yarn. She has finished with the neutrals and has now moved to the cool colors. It will be great to have those available for use or purchase.

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