Textile Sunday 3-25-18 Are we really doing this?

In honor of Col. Arnaud Beltrame. Righteous man and martyr who died to protect a woman.

Generally I use these posts for something educational about needle craft, but lately I've been seeing a *lot* of stuff like this from costume and fashion accounts on Twitter and I just can't be silent any longer.


Okay, first, this is just hideous no matter the sex of the wearer. It is a dis-service to what looks to be a lovely textile. There is also no craft in the construction of these "clothes" and appears to be no workmanship in the making up. I am bad at sewing and likely would do little worse than the so-called experts who slapped this together. It is an insult to both fabric and wearer to claim this slapped-together abomination is clothing, much less fashion.

Second, no dressing males as extremely ugly women will not bring healing and light to the world. Stop it! Just. Stop. Truly masculine men aren't the ones women need to be afraid of. They know their own strength and also have the strength of character to use it appropriately. My heart's cry is "A safe place for women", but that can't happen in a society were men are viewed solely as failed women. Britain and the US are quite possibly the closest thing to functioning matriarchies in the whole of history and all that has happened is that cultures who *actually* view women as interchangeable objects feel emboldened to act on those beliefs. It isn't possible to have a "safe place" if you can't defend it, and actively trying to destroy the natural protectors is a fool's game.

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