Parents arrested for arranging forced marriage

On Twitter, Freedom United linked to a Washington Post article about a case that has just come up here in Texas. According to the article authorities are still trying to figure out what to do about the guy who was going to pay the parents to marry Maarib. I suspect it's something that hasn't come up often enough to have a standard procedure yet. It is stated that the parents have been in the US for two years, although where they're from originally wasn't released (I wonder if the style of Maarib's hijab would give a clue to someone more knowledgeable), but it doesn't say where the potential groom was from or how long he had been here. 

In the fight against human trafficking in the western world it is *vital* that newcomers be instructed, as soon as possible, as to our social norms and expectations (and the penalties for breaking them) so as to prevent situations like this happening through misunderstanding or ignorance. Given that the father is reported to have been yelling and blaming Maarib as he was arrested, that knowledge may not have prevented this particular case but at least then everyone could be secure that the behavior was a purposeful breach and not done in ignorance.

There are many other aspects of this case that are important so I definitely recommend reading the entire WaPo piece.

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