WIPWednesday 4-4-18


This photo was from Friday, before I finished this project. I had fallen Thursday morning and scraped the palm of my left hand which is why I put it on a frame. I prefer to use a sashiko-like technique and am always turning the work so I prefer to work without a frame if possible (and I don't do the sort of large pieces that *require* a frame. I couldn't hold the fabric with my left hand and keep the bandage on it though, so by adding the frame (which I *could* support with my left hand with no need for dexterity) and using a stabbing motion instead of a running stitch I was able to move forward at a pace that surprised me.


I guess this is the "big reveal" of what had better be the final design for this carpet. Once again I'm not using a frame. I don't want to spend what it would cost to buy a large enough frame, do the prep work required to attach it to a frame without warping the burlap, or take up the floor space that even a collapsible frame would require. Instead I apply the small amount of tension required by either holding a corner against my body or by sitting on an edge, which apparently was how some of the New England rag hooked rugs were done as well according to YouTube.


This is a sample of 4 strand braid-in rag rug using the medium length strips of t shirt yarn. I learned the technique from a YouTube channel that focuses on different types of rag rugs, and I really like way it works as well as the interesting pattern created by changing colors one strand at a time. The next color will be white as the only four colors I had when I started were navy, red, white, and burgundy and I didn't think the burgundy would look good next to the red. I'm thinking now that I should have gone with burgundy, white, navy, red as the progression, but I don't think it bothers me enough to start over.

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