FOFriday 3-9-18


Finished the patchwork pillowcase Sunday evening. It's a good thing I decided to do the top stitching because the seam allowances were so tiny that with hand sewing, instead of an interlocking machine stitch, it is questionable how long the case would have lasted under normal wear. I started working the top stitching with a long sashiko needle but found that a shorter one worked better as, counter intuitively, I was able to work faster by picking up fewer stitches at a time because a large number of stitches caused the fabric to bind on the needle and it bacame difficult to pass the needle through.


A sample of Teneriffe lace worked from handspun wool. I definitely need more practice, and to give better directions when EK is blocking the piece.  I have always been intrigued by the technique, which is really a form of weaving and can be worked in a variety of shapes on simple geometric frames. 

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