WIPWednesday 4-18-18


Didn't get quite as far on this last week as I'd planned. I've decided to let the contours smooth out now instead of adding more nubbins in the brown/green/brown because I'm close enough to the edge I don't want to create any more small, trapped spaces than I can possibly help.


Continuing to work on shrinky-plastic as well. I'd hoped to be done last week, but I had a lot more plastic than I'd realized and each step is taking longer than I'd hoped. These sheets are styrofoam from take-out containers. After the shapes are cut out (they were applied using small cookie cutters and a rolling pin) they will be hole-punched so they can be used as stitch-counter charms once shrunken.


The size difference between the heated  and unheated plastic is impressive. I used teh exact same hole-punch to make these and a 325 degree oven for about 5 minutes did the rest. The shrunken ones almost feel, and sound, like glass beads.

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