FOFriday 4-20-18


These shrinky bits are intended to be charms for stitch markers. My intent is to have Victoria do the wirework part of the markers using our created charms and beads as much as possible.

That is the only photo of finished items I have because, once again, everything else was food. Our mulberry tree is producing prolifically this year so I'm getting the chance to try a lot of recipes as well as dry berries for tea. So far I've used it as a savory filling with meat for bao buns, a sweet filling for bao, a crumble, an Indian milk-based dessert called kalakand and marinade for pork ribs. Once the harvest is over we will cut the branches back *very* severely and use the cut wood in the smoker. The flavor it gives is very good on almost anything, but especially excellent when cooking salmon. In the meantime the mockingbirds and squirrels are also enjoying the berries so I'm glad there are plenty for us as well.

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