Sunday textiles 4-22-18

patterned plaid.jpg

Textilis is a very informative Twitter account that I have come to appreciate very much. This piece is in the collection of the Nordiska Museet. It is described as a "silk neckerchief" and I don't know if that means it was for a man, as most references to neckerchiefs I've seen were for men, or if it was intended to go in the neckline of a woman's bodice. Either way, both the fact that it's silk and the intricate patterning means it would be for the use of someone fairly prosperous.

The secondary patterning inside the plaid striping is what really caught my attention. The weaving itself wouldn't be terribly difficult, as long as the weaver didn't lose their place in the pattern, but the warping of the loom with all those fine threads seems like it would have been a nightmare. The finished piece is certainly beautiful and I'm glad that it has been preserved for those of us from later generations to admire.  

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