Guinean couple charged with holding slave in Texas

Accounts vary, not surprisingly, between prosecution and defense as to the exact circumstances, but what is known is that the son of a former Guinean "strongman" president-for-life and his wife have been arrested on federal charges of holding a young woman from their homeland in captivity and forcing her to work for them. The couple doesn't appear to be disputing that the girl was generally kept out of school, just whether or not she'd been kept out since the age of 5, or that they hadn't renewed her visa after it expired and were causing her to be in the US illegally so the main question seems to be one of how severe the penalty will be.

I'm very happy to see cases like this as it's been a known issue for quite a while that "important" foreign visitors were treated much more leniently than "normal" foreigners when it came to issues of breaking American cultural expectations on American soil. I hope this case is a signal that being related to someone powerful somewhere doesn't exempt visitors from our laws while they are here.

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