FOFriday 5-11-18

I actually have a photo!


At least all the chain stitch is finally completed. I'm still trying to decide how I want to do the edges, apparently too tight of a fold can cause the jute fibers of the burlap to break after a while. Creating the fold over a piece of yarn is supposed to help prevent that. I also think I'm going to do some sort of yarn technique that encases the edging. My choices are crochet, which I have a lot of practice at, or a herringbone stitch that I have almost no experience with. Guess which one I'm likely to try on something I will have to use and look at every day. Yep, good thing YouTube has tutorials on how to do the herringbone (that's actually how I found out about it).

On the food front, I made a watermelon granita (pureed watermelon and simple syrup) because we had a watermelon that was still tasty but over-ripe enough that it was mushy and disagreeable in texture. *I* think it's tasty enough but the kids aren't sold on it. I also made mulberry sherbet (mulberries, a tiny bit of fresh tamarind, a little simple syrup, a *little* heavy cream) . I had to add the syrup and cream because I'd taken the juice out to make syrup and it left the fruit too thick for my blender to handle. Because I'm not using an ice cream mixer (we have one but it's old and very loud, and I didn't want to deal with it) the end product is rather heavy, but I still like it.

I've also been making mochi, and I noticed that when I would move a piece on the silicone pad there would be a thin layer left that dried and was tasty. This has lead to me experimenting with making "mochi leather" because I quickly get tired of dealing with the stickyness of traditional mochi. The first version was "Samurai Chai" flavor from the now defunct (bought and killed by Starbucks) Teavana. I used part regular rice flour as well as the glutinous rice flour and I think I spread it too thick. I did eventually get a dried sheet that I made into "roll-ups" and I like them (although they are very mild flavored). The batch I made most recently was tamarind (glutinous rice, sugar, water, processed tamarind concentrate). It is also very mild in flavor, but sharp and refreshing. This batch is less "chewy" than that with the regular rice flour. I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to use either recipe exclusively or trade off.

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