Kenyan channel NTV sounds warning about Gulf slavery

A two - part series explores the stories of Kenyan families who have had loved ones die under unclear circumstances while working in the Gulf States as well as the personal stories from women who experienced physical and sexual abuse only to finally return home broken in body and spirit and with their salary having been spent on the return ticket so that they had nothing but scars to show for their time. The second part of the video led a woman to share in the YouTube comments her own traumatic experience and to add her voice to those warning young women to look for other ways to support their families. The final part of the second video shows that the Kenyan government has at least started to try to shut down unethical recruiters and to guard the safety of their people when abroad as workers, but it is uncertain how much they can do when the Saudi, Omani, Qatari, etc. employer views the women as purchased slaves as many of the women relate that they were told by their employers. 

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