WIPWednesday 5-16-18


Started on the weaving in (right side of photo). I'm using a small crochet hook and it's slightly less awful than I anticipated.


It was time to cut back the mulberry to keep the branches manageable for next year's harvest and I wanted to try to keep some of the bark for cordage and weaving baskets. Both of my forefingers are sore two days later as the bark * had to be peeled from the branches on the day of so it didn't dry and become impossible to remove. There are nearly a dozen peeled branches of which Son peeled one and I did the rest. The removed bark is the long, medium length strips that are prepped for being split further.


The small pile in the top right area is the strips that have been thinned sufficiently to be used in projects. I forgot to have EK get a photo of the packets of wide (half or whole circumference  of the branch) bark that I had set to the side to decide what to do with later.

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