FOFriday 5-18-18

No photos again this week. I made a couple more flavors of "mochi chews". The watermelon pickle brine was a surprising success. Sweet and tangy with a hint of baking spices. The lychee syrup would probably have been a success if I had put the fruit and liquid into another container in the fridge instead of leaving them in the can. It ended up causing a "tinny" flavor that comes through in the sweets. The flavors I want to try next are matcha tea, I will probably use the prepared tea as the water for the mochi, and pandan which is an extract of the screw-pine plant and apparently is used in Asia much as vanilla is used in the west.

The other thing finished is much less satisfying. The board has voted to shut down Knit'n Kitten Fiber Arts, Inc. due to problems with the formation papers and a misunderstanding on my part about public vs. private charities when the organization was formed. I will continue maintaining this website, donating to abolition organizations and generally supporting needlework and liberty in my capacity as a private person. I still hope to see a strong organization in the future, but it is important that it have the right foundations and what we had didn't qualify. 

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