WIPWednesday 5-2-18


I guess this means I'm about three-quarters done with this thing now. Not sure how I feel about it other than that I will be *very* happy to finally be finished with it, once I am.


EK is working her way through the backlog of handspun. A lot of this batch was spun from shredded blue jeans and another skein is from shredded silk fabric from a worn-out dress. Now that I know about pojagi and sakiori I don't think I will do shredding any more as each step is very time consuming.


What we are *not* at the end of, much to my surprise, is the mulberries. I expected there to be berries for only a week or two, but after a month there are nearly as many unripe as there were to start with. If I pick any more I think I'll just freeze them and decide what to do with them later. In the meantime, the squirrels and mockingbirds are enjoying themselves very much.

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