Sunday textiles 5-20-18: wedding edition

I realized this morning that I didn't have anything for a post, mostly because the entire fiber world seemed taken up by a certain wedding in Britain that I didn't care about particularly. Fortunately I remembered a Twitter series by Fashion historian Kate Strasdin that was interesting. It was a fantasy 40's era wedding with examples from all the top designers of the day and Kate's reason for why she had chosen each sample for the character (Bride, Mother-of-the-Bride, etc.). The 40s are more modern than my preferred styles, although I don't hate them like some even more modern "ironic" styles that I feel are an insult to both fabric and wearer, so the thread was very educational. Hopefully at some point the entire thing will have the "thread unroll" done to it, I don't know how, and it will be even easier to read.

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