WIPWednesday 5-30-18

Photos that went with last week's post now that the camera is working again.


And now for this week's projects. There are a lot of them because I had a bit of a brain-storm late last week and started a bunch of new projects that are somewhat experimental.


The first edge of the carpet is wrapped and the only thing needed is to use a needle to hide the ends of the yarn joins. Looking up ways to make the joins without long ends is what led me to making a bunch of "magic balls" and prevented my getting any further on the carpet.


One of those Magic Ball projects. The plan is for there to be three center-increase panels of this width, two for the front and one for the back, and two narrower ones for the sides to make a vest. I made this ball random other than needing to have a smooth yarn between every heavily textured yarn so as to make the joins easier. The product reminds me a bit of SAORI weaving (link goes to YouTube playlist since Wikipedia didn't recognize the term) with its combination of yarns and textures balanced by a plain warp, or in this case the cotton yarn.


A slightly rectangle lace baby blanket knit on the bias. I separated each length of colored baby-weight yarn with a white yarn and then used pale pink as the balance yarn so that the blanket could be used for either a boy or girl. I will add a border when the knitting is done.


There's not enough on the finished side to show what's going on here so I just had EK get a photo from the top. This is a sock knitting loom that I don't really use because I've found it easier to just knit the socks on needles. I found a YouTube video on loom knitting brioche and decided to try it since brioche on needles is very time consuming. This is pretty much experimental right now as I will have to see what the finished product is like before I can decide if it is better or worse than what I currently make.

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