FOFriday 5-4-18

No pictures this week either. I'm still working on the rug to the exclusion of any other needlework and need a time when the kids will be out of the house before I can finish the shrinky plastic items.

Maybe I *should* start getting photos of the food I make, but in general the items aren't particularly photogenic even though they are tasty.  They are often semi-experimental and could be called "rustic" if one were inclined to be kind. This week's food was roti, which is made almost exactly like tortillas except for forcing the air pockets to expand (I even got a couple to expand correctly which felt like victory). When I learned that naan also had baking powder in the recipe like bao I set aside a little of the dough from the chopped ham bao and made a naan for each person in the family. EK likes her naan with the cheese sauce from the Welsh rarebit (which she call "were-rabbit" because she can).

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