FOFriday 6-22-18


Saori-style Magic Ball vest is finished. I did a single crochet border on all edges to make them less likely to stretch out of shape due to the varying thicknesses and textures of yarn. Victoria doesn't approve of this random approach *at all* and I have to admit that I'd rather so much of the heavily textured novelty yarn hadn't ended up on the left shoulder. Over all, I do think that the shape and general idea works pretty well but I'm not sure about this particular example.


A continuous weave sample using a large circular knitting loom as the frame. The idea was from a Dutch (I think) YouTube account. I had to watch a few times to get the hang of it, but that was my own fault because the demonstrator does a very good job of showing exactly what she's doing at every step. This was made with two strands of worsted weight yarn that I wove double, as with the triangle, and I don't think anything thinner would work and the doubled weaving was also necessary or the final piece would be much to floppy (I believe the weaving term is "sleazy"). Nearly the entire edge is securely fastened during the weaving, but there is a bit on one side that needs secured in some manner, in this case a knotted loop of yarn. That is because of the back-and-forth weaving in the middle of the piece but if I'd been willing to cut the yarn I could have made sure that was secure as well. Because I didn't want to cut the yarn used in the sample I used a crochet hook to draw loops to the far side. The edge the loops were drawn from is secure because it is still interwoven with other strand, but the edge they were drawn *to* needed to be secured.

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