WIPWednesday 6-6-18


Handspun combined in a Magic ball along with a thin manufactured silk are being run together, instead of trading rows like with the other Magic Ball projects, using an Afghan Ripple stitch to make a shawl. Not sure what I'll do when I run out of the silk. Fortunately there's a lot of it for how tiny the ball is.


The tutorial I linked Sunday mentioned weaving a denser fabric by having two loops on each nail, so I'm seeing how that works. I'm using cotton yarn that was originally intended, and cut for, washcloth warp so there are a lot of tiny knots. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with the piece when finished, but I'm considering making the triangle bag that Doreen Crone-Finely showed on YouTube.


This is intended to be a knitted kurti made with a number of strips seamed together. The very different thicknesses of the cotton strands make the motifs much flatter and lighter than if I just used the thick pink yarn, but also gives body and speed of work that it wouldn't have if using only the light thread. This is experimental, but I've wanted to use the pink cotton yarn for a tunic ever since it was given to me and I'm hopeful this will be a good way to do so. Iris Schrier's book Modular Knitting has a scarf that gave me the general idea as it is made of two rows of the knitted squares that are seamed together.


The brioche shell for a bag with a light sage green lining that has been on my mind for about a year. I've actually restarted the base since this photo was taken and will now be working a braided-look stitch pattern. Hopefully this will be the last restart though.


The saori inspired Magic Ball vest is on to the second wide panel.

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