WIPWednesday 7-4-18

Happy and blessed Independence Day


I'm trying to average a four-row repeat every day on this shawl. I changed my mind on the secondary yarn. I found some of my  white handspun silk so that only the spin texture changed. That was important because the other yarn ended at almost exactly the same spot so having as little change in the second yarn as possible helped keep continuity. Once the white handspun was gone I used some Koolaid dyed handspun silk. I used Grape flavor which means that it isn't actually purple but shades of blue, pink, and grey. I'd like to use the pastel soy-silk next to continue the sheen and increase the purple, but it's very fine so I don't know if I can. After that I have a light purple kid mohair that seems like a good candidate.


Actually getting close to finished. I have hopes of getting done by next week, although probably not in time for Friday's post. The edging makes a huge difference in the look. It doesn't do anything to regularize the shape though.


Approximately the sixth start of what is intended to be a Faroese style shawl using recycled cashmere yarn. Faroese shawls have a unique shape that somewhat resembles a butterfly.  They are traditionally worked from the bottom up, but I never know if I'll have enough yarn so I play it safe and work from the top.

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