FOFriday 8-31-18

We are finally nearly moved in to our new house and working on figuring out what our new weekly schedule will look like (things like baby-sitting youngest niece on Mondays) and how to work a re-opened shop into that.


Basket for outgoing items. The base is a ramen box and the covering is essentially a sock. I used one of the Joseph's Coat balls, knit a rectangular bottom, and then picked up stitches and knit in the rounds until the tube was long enough to go up the inside, over, and down to the base. I finished off with single crochet. This was a good project for watching videos as it was pretty basic.


Basket for bits and ends. This idea still needs some work as I'm not really satisfied with the finishing on top (like that the plastic base is visible where the body of the work ends and the edging begins. This started life as a large yogurt container. I cut the solid rim off and made 37 ribs (I didn't count when cutting, just wanted them about equal) and then wove manufactured yarn through the plastic warp. The plain weave areas needed an odd number of ribs and the squares needed an even number so I overlapped the same two ribs when ever I needed to make the number even. I finished the edges by folding and tucking them under the weft on the inside of the basket and then crocheted in a manner that was intended to attach to the weft and *not* show the base, but  couldn't find a way that really accomplished that.

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