WIPWwednesday 9-26-18

A lot of weaving and recycling going on this week.


After decades of crochet and knitting I have quite a few bits and ends of baby yarns from different projects. I’m combining those with a blue/pink/shiny-white baby yarn that I got a lot of at some point and weaving baby blankets by combining two triangles pieces at the hypotenuse. I will then crochet a border in either pink, blue, or yellow to give the blanket a sturdy finished edge.


Because I’m using plastic loops in this weaving I can join the new piece to the first one as it is woven. I’m curious to see both how visible and how strong the join is. If it makes for a weak join I will just seam them together at the end, like with regular yarn, in the future. This is part of a two-part project that also involves a square woven from torn fabric. The concept is a washable “puppy-pad” for house training or to go under a water dish. The fabric square could go in a washer and dryer, while the plastic square makes it more water-proof and can be rinsed and air-dried. I’m still trying to figure out how I want to join the two pieces for use though.


The start of a base for a basket. The core is made of plastic vegetable bags. I don’t keep any gross ones, but the reasonable ones have been building up in the pantry. There are also some handles from grocery bags which are cut off in making the loops for weaving and otherwise discarded. I’m trying to use as much as possible, so was happy to think of this use. The yarn is an acrylic end that I’ve had lying around for quite a while, it may even have been given to me as I have received a couple of stashes-of-the-deceased in the last few years.

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