A confession

When I started the website my goal was to blog one post about Knit'n Kitten and one about anti-trafficking news Monday through Saturday. A casual look at recent posts show that this last week, and really the prior week, shows that clearly that goal hasn't been met.

Clearly this isn't because of a lack of news, in fact there are usually at least a couple of articles a day, so the fault is in myself. For some of the articles I didn't know what I wanted to say about them, for others I knew very well what I *wanted* to say but was concerned that it wasn't what *should* be said. Other times I had a number of tabs pinned, but couldn't remember which organization I had first found the article through and felt like it wasn't right to not give them credit.

The last circumstance is one that I think I can work on fixing at least. A little tweaking of how I share and retweet should help quite a bit, but the biggest fix, I think, will be to not insist on *only* one post a day. There's a decent chance that means there will be days without a post, but if I get posts started while "in the moment" there is a much better chance of getting something written the vast majority of the time.

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