Continuing education

Last evening EK and I went to the first of three "Grow your business" seminars put on by the local SBA office. The two hours were pretty packed with information and there was a reading list of about half a dozen books in the back of the packet. The truth is though that this *isn't* so much continuing education for me as *beginning* education. We do have a board member who has a degree in business that I can check with but my degree is in art. I have regretted not taking business, or at least marketing, classes for several years now but find I simply don't have the patience for tests and projects that would be needed to make going back to school worthwhile. Instead I intend to squeeze every last drop of use out of my Chamber membership (like getting these seminars for free) that I possibly can and focusing on what will help make *Knit'n Kitten* better specifically instead of doing generic projects for business in general.

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