Holding off

I read a Washington Post article yesterday about some of the Nigerian women who have been freed from captivity after being kidnapped and enslaved by Boko Haram (lit. Western thought is unclean). Their lives were hellish after being stolen from their homes and are still very difficult. Besides the "normal" difficulties of reintegrating after slavery, most of these women are truly refugees whose homes and towns were destroyed and families killed when they were taken and there are no national resources and few international available to assist in what is usually a long-term process which needs a lot of individual work. 

The reason I said in the title that I'm holding off, and why I didn't link, is that I'm trying to get in contact with a lady I know who is now a naturalized American after having been born and raised in Nigeria. Even though she hasn't lived there for over a decade I would like to get her view of the situation as I felt the article in question focused on the unfairness to the rescued women, which Lord knows there's plenty of that, but didn't actually *talk* to anyone else except a foreign NGO worker. I'm hoping that my online acquaintance will at least have heard from her family who are still in-country and be able to give a clearer picture of the context for the hardship these women are going through.

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