Really Tumblr?

Yesterday I woke up to the message "You have 30 new followers, yay!" Of course I didn't, they were all spam about hair extensions, fake hair, and wigs. And two of them had nudes that I had to see in order to block the accounts. Tumblr has never been my favorite site since they have a *lot* of GIF ads and no way to get rid of them or hide posts, but this last month has been particularly bad. Especially bad was the porn account, I'm a devout middle-aged woman who believes porn is one of the causes of human-trafficking for G-d's sake. The worst though was an account called something like "Meet our teens" and I strongly suspect that it is a site that is trafficking minors, but all I could do was block it because for the life of me I can't find anyway to report it. EK says she's pretty sure that jumping through the correct series of hoops will result in a report being filed, but she hasn't had time to research it and I'm not finding anything that looks promising on my own. It's getting bad enough though that I'm seriously considering changing over to Instagram and I *really* don't want to do that because I loathe the phone-centric nature of the site.

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