The majority of help we give these groups is currently through social media distribution of their information or by purchasing items from them for resale. As Knit'n Kitten grows, our ability to offer more concrete help will expand as well


Free the Captives

Free the Captives is a full service anti-trafficking organization in the Houston, TX area. Along with educating the public about trafficking they work with law enforcement to help rescue teen victims of trafficking and then assist the young women to reinstate their legal identities while also offering a chance at job experience and gaining financial independence.

Knit'n Kitten was pleased to make Free the Captives the recipient of it's very first charitable disbursement by providing a dozen new crochet hooks and two dozen large skeins of yarn for their young ladies in recovery to practice with. We also look forward to carrying their candles this coming year and possibly helping with the cost of supplies for those candles.


Elijah Rising

Elijah Rising offers tours of Houston areas where trafficking is common to help those who want to fight trafficking understand the true impact and cost of human commoditization and run a museum of the history of slavery. They also partner with other organizations that offer concrete assistance to those seeking freedom and are working on a residential full service recovery campus called Kendelton Farms.

Redeemed Ministries

Redeemed Ministries provides a safe haven and residential counseling for TX women seeking to leave the life of sexual exploitation and trafficking.




Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms brings encouragement to women in the Nashville, TN area. They offer a wide range of services to those who wish to gain freedom from addiction and exploitation by providing residential and penitentiary counseling, a 2-year recovery program and business experience to graduates of that program. We are currently supporting them through purchases of items created and sold by those beginning to believe that love indeed does heal.  

Truckers Against Trafficking

Based in Englewood, CO Truckers Against Trafficking seeks to educate the over-the-road and travel plaza community on the signs of trafficking and exploitation in people they interact with on the road, and to encourage them to notify Polaris or other rescue organizations if they believe there is a trafficking issue. We support TAT through social media with retweets and blogging. 


Beauty From AShes

Since 2005 Beauty From Ashes seeks to prevent sexual abuse, trafficking and exploitation through education and awareness while offering rescue and restoration as well as equine and art therapy. They are focused on encouraging victims through the example of those who have overcome past trauma and abuse. Currently our support of Beauty For Ashes is confined to social media, but the hope is for that to change.



Light House

Light House seeks to change the trajectory of the entire lowest caste of Nepal who until recently were considered "destined" to have their entire economy revolve around the trafficking of the women of the caste. Light House began their main work in 2010 with thirty girls rescued from a nightmare of constant abuse and even torture in Indian brothels. Five years later they serve the educational, medical, and aftercare therapy needs of approximately 800, mostly girl, children of the Badi caste. They are also seeking ways to increase economic opportunity for the entire caste and have chosen handicraft as one of those avenues. This is where Knit'n Kitten comes in. We are currently working through the regulations to be able to bring LH products to the wider market of the Greater Houston area.

Mary & Martha Mongolia

M&M Mongolia is a fair trade shop bringing economic opportunity to both Mongol and minority Kazakhs through the manufacture of traditional steppe items including leather, felt and fiber such as cashmere, camel, and yak down. Naomi has been able to help the director materially by the donation of a new drum carder to do test runs of various fiber blends and we look forward to supporting them through purchases of items in the future.


Streams in the Desert

Streams in the Desert assists women in Ulaanbaatar who wish to leave a life of alcohol addiction and prostitution by providing a safe house, financial education and work experience. We are working on supporting them by carrying their wire wrapped jewelry that is created with traditional Mongolian motifs and felted items made from repurposed cashmere sweaters. 


Selyn is a certified Fair Trade textile manufacturer in Sri Lanka that brings employment to nearly 1,000 women, who otherwise would often have gone out-of-country as domestics which is a very high slavery risk, by partnering with village weaving studios. Their eco-consciously dyed cotton is hand-loomed and then made into a wide variety of objects for both Eastern and Western markets. As a Fair Trade organization, they help provide education for the children of the weavers which will also help to break the cycle of poverty and greatly reduce the likelihood of those children being trafficked.

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