Naomi began crocheting and spinning before turning ten and can no longer remember a time in which she *didn't* do those things. While able to read a pattern, which makes teaching much easier, she has always had a tendency to do her own thing in the many forms of needlework she has practiced in nearly four decades of seeking to learn new techniques. While many of the site items are currently hers, the goal is that she will step back and focus on teaching and managing the brick-and-mortar shop as new artists join.


EK has also been spinning and crocheting from a young age. In fact, she has been known to take her spindle into class, after which she was strongly encouraged to switch to bringing crochet as being less distracting to other students. Her love of color has caused her to do a fair amount of experimenting with blending various dyed fibers as well as observing the changes in hue and shade created by spinning the fiber.


While Victoria has grown up with needlework and tried spinning, crocheting, and fiber blending her real love is wire and bead work. All of her spinning tools and jewelry are made completely freehand and as she gains experience she is adding new items to her repertoire.

Flavour of Fragrance

Flavour of Fragrance is the project of local artist Marietta, her mother Philomena, and her daughter Natasha. Their mission is to connect people to nature in a fair and ethical manner and to support organizations that protect children from trafficking. Their current products are lavender based items for their therapeutic effects, hand embroidery, knitting, and crocheting. They will also be providing hand-loomed objects from Sri Lanka and, eventually, home-grown potted plants, herbal arrangements, and succulent gardens.



Fog Tanner was born in Texas and has spent most of his life in the Gulf Coast region. A woodworker his entire life, he began focusing on wood turning in 2001. With a great enjoyment for production work and making items meant to be used and handled, lace bobbins have become a favorite to make as they require both speed and delicacy in the creation. Fog also like to rescue and use storm-damaged or historical wood such as decking from the Elissa which makes him a great fit for the artists of Knit'n Kitten.


Sharon Stone of Three Stitchers is a multi-talented Texas fiber artist. Among her talents are spinning, dyeing, and knitting and she has graciously shared some of her products as her way to support the fight for human liberty.


Joy Matchett is a 10th generation Texan. She and her husband breed and raise a herd of angora goats that is looked after by a couple of llamas. Besides ranching, Joy teaches spinning and is an accomplished fiber artist. She also makes wooden spindles and nutshell diz.


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